Fresh corn tortillas


Made with pride and tradition, our Corn Tortillas (Tlaxcalli) bring the heritage of Anahuak to your table.

Made from diverse varieties of heirloom native corn, each 16 cm tortilla offers a unique flavor and texture profile—ranging from the subtle, soft notes of white corn to the robust, rustic feel of blue corn.

Perfect for your quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas, they are a wholesome choice for every meal!


(Corn Tortillas)

Our Corn Tortillas are not merely a culinary delight; they are a tribute to enduring agricultural traditions.

Handcrafted with dedication, we use heirloom corn varieties from renowned regions including Estado de Mexico, Michoacan, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Each region contributes its unique strain of corn, infusing our tortillas with a spectrum of flavors and textures that are as rich and diverse as the landscapes they come from.

Beyond their exceptional taste, our tortillas stand out for their authenticity and nutritional benefits, thanks to the ancient technique of nixtamalization. This millennia-old process involves soaking and cooking organic corn kernels in an alkaline solution, typically limestone water, which breaks down the corn’s outer hull, enhances its natural flavor, and increases its nutritional value.

Nixtamalization improves the bioavailability of niacin (vitamin B3) and protein in the corn, making these nutrients more accessible to the body. It also adds calcium to the tortillas from the lime used in the soaking process, which is crucial for bone health. This method not only preserves the natural integrity of the corn but also significantly boosts the dietary fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals in our tortillas.

Our commitment to using non-hybrid and GMO-free corn ensures that every tortilla is not only wholesome and nutritious but also supports sustainable agricultural practices.

Enjoy the legacy, taste the tradition—our Corn Tortillas bring the ancient artistry of native Mexican corn to your modern table. Revel in the genuine flavors and embrace a meal that is as nourishing as it is delicious. Each tortilla is a celebration of the rich heritage and culinary wisdom that have been cherished and passed down through countless generations.


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  1. David

    Love these. They’re so nice and soft, the flavor is amazing and they go well with all our dishes.

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Fresh corn tortillas
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