Nixtamal tortillas


Indulge in the true flavors of Mexico with our Nixtamal Tortillas.

Crafted in small batches using only three natural ingredients – lime, water, and native Mexican corn – our tortillas are nixtamalized the traditional way, without any maseca or processed flours.

Enjoy the authentic taste and wholesome goodness in every bite.

Nixtamal tortillas

Tlaxcalli (tortillas)

Handcrafted with care using corn sourced from diverse regions of Mexico.

Unlike commercially available “corn tortillas” that rely on processed corn flour, such as Maseca, our tortillas are made through the ancient technique of nixtamalization, ensuring a truly authentic experience.

Nixtamalization is a time-honored process where organic corn kernels are soaked and cooked, enhancing their nutritional value.

This traditional method not only adds depth and flavor to our tortillas but also boosts their nutritional profile. By undergoing nixtamalization, our tortillas become an excellent source of dietary fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals.

They are free from hybrid and GMO corn, ensuring a healthier alternative for you and your loved ones.

Indulge in the unmistakable taste and superior quality of our nixtamal tortillas, knowing that every bite contributes to a nutritious and wholesome meal.

Experience the rich heritage and ancient culinary wisdom of Mexico, as we bring you the genuine flavors of tradition, crafted with passion and respect for nature.

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1 dozen, 1/2 dozen


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