(That’s “hello” in the Nahuatl language)

I’m Luis, creator of Xinachtli.  I was born and raised in Mexico-Tenochtitlan, surrounded by maize, amaranth, cacao, flowers, volcanoes and evident remains of a rich ancient past.

My identity was hidden under the pavement and noises of a big city, kept away by the lies of catholicism, the educational system, television, coca-cola, Europe, the United States and colonialism in general.

From a young age I loved playing in the dirt and spending time in the kitchen with my mom which led me to drop out of school after grade 9 to study gastronomy.

Shortly after that I migrated to the territory of the Coast Salish Peoples (Vancouver, BC), blind and ignorant to the treasures I had at home.

Luis Almazan mole making
mural de semillas Tepoztlan
ehecatl quetzalcoatl

After migrating north I developed an interest in digital art and established a career in visual effects for film, where I got to work in a number of hollywood movies.

The longer I was away from home, the more I missed the flavors and colors I grew up with. This would take me on a long journey of remembering who I really am and where I come from, making me proud of my origins.

I am now working towards transitioning out of an office job, following the steps of my ancestors, practicing old traditions that are getting forgotten like growing maize, growing beans, transforming cacao and making tamales without using processed flours.

Luis Almazan en la milpa
Luis maguey
grupo jardin maya

It has taken me years of traveling, practicing, researching, hanging out in markets, farms and kitchens in Mexico to finally be able to produce an authentic tortilla far away from home and to understand the wonderful journey that maize had to go through to get here.