Crafted from the Ground Up: Heirloom Corn, Pure Cacao, and Rich Flavors

Experience the Authenticity of Corn Tortillas, Chocolates, Moles and more.

At Xinachtli, we honor the seeds of tradition with every product we create. From the fertile soils of Mesoamerica, we bring you organic, heirloom corn and cacao crafted into exquisite tortillas, rich chocolates, and complex moles.

Our dedication to traditional methods and organic ingredients ensures a culinary experience that reconnects you with the roots of natural eating


(sheen-ach-tlee / ʃinaːtʃtɬi)

Located in the beautiful territory of the Coast Salish Peoples, also known as Vancouver, where we offer carefully crafted foods centered around corn and cacao, reflecting our passion for organic agriculture and preserving our cultural heritage.

Our products, including nixtamal tortillas, chocolates, moles, and more, are made using traditional techniques and sustainably grown native Mexican maize and cacao.

Join us in our journey of reconnecting with our roots and experiencing the authentic flavors and traditions of Anahuak.

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